2. What If The Grid Arrives?

How Off-Grid Renewable Energy Projects Have Adapted To Grid Arrival

This webinar is the second part of WISIONS Webinar Series, which aims to promote sustainable decentralized energy solutions in the global South and shed light onto important topics emerging from the ground.

Off-grid renewable energy projects sometimes remain off-grid in the long-term. But in some cases, the national electricity grids reach these areas, leaving communities, governments, and other stakeholders with major decisions to make.


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How can small-scale renewable energy projects adapt and plan for national grid expansion? What will become of these stand-alone renewable energy systems or micro-grid solutions? Will they sustain and survive? Can and shall they become connected to the grid? What are preconditions and challenges? And how can communities with off-grid systems best plan and prepare for this possibility? In this webinar, we have shed light on the experiences faced across the global south through case studies and heard first-hand what happens when the grid arrives. http://tiny.cc/BottomUp http://tiny.cc/gridarrival


Chris Greacen
Palang Thai
Rebecca Leaf
Association of Rural Development Workers
Junaed Tazdik
IDCOL Assistant Manager, SHS Program
Mafruda Rahman
Green Climate Fund (GCF) unit of IDCOL


Molly Hurley-Depret

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